Ellie and Sean Gullette as the "loving" Mr. and Mrs. Johnston on Blue Ridge (watch on Amazon)

From HBO's John Adams. Ellie was Laura Linney's stand-in/photo double. Ames Arnold was the stand-in for Paul Giamatti.

Ellie and Laura Linney at 2:30 am on John Adams.

Happy German women in Vom Pionier zum Millionär

From The Hunt for John Wilkes Booth, a documentary for the National Geographic Channel.

Ellie playing Betsy Rollins in

The Hunt for Lincoln's Assassin

On the set of Evan Almighty with the massive ark in the background.

In front of the many many trailers on set on Evan Almighty.

Huntsville's Finest from Evan Almighty. The back of one of Evan's neighbor's houses on the set. The brick is fake but looks amazingly real.

Yikes! Ellie plays a drugged-out  serial killer in an episode of Wicked Attraction.

Goofing around with Peter Berinato

on Beast of Burden.

Click on the photo to reveal production designer Greig Leach on the set of Beast of Burden.

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